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Stigma Surrounding ED

Just like mental health and physical health, sexual health is very important to be looked after by everyone. There are a lot of problems that can arise out of bad sexual life. Sex is a taboo topic in India and it isn’t discussed as much as it should be. This results in incomplete education about sex leading to uninformed individuals spreading myths. People with sexual illnesses are often shunned. That is why some people are afraid to seek a doctor for their sexual illness. Something as normal as ED (erectile dysfunction) is so looked down upon. It is a disease where a man isn’t able to get or maintain erection for sexual stimulation. Men who have ED feel humiliated and their masculinity is questioned even though it has nothing to do with it. The right education needs to be provided to everyone who believe in such myths.

ED can be caused by medical reasons such as less blood flow to the penis, low testosterone, diabetes or psychological reasons such as anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, etc. These are normal issues in the body which can happen to any man. These issues can be fixed by proper medical treatment and the right medication. Along with treatment, one also needs to feel open and vocal about this disease. It is seen that just talking about the issue creates a sense of relief leading to a good start for treatment. It is also seen that the treatment is better when the partner is supportive and is creating a positive impact on the patient. Know that having ED certainly doesn’t make you any less of a man, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it’s not a symptom of ageing. Once you start busting these misbeliefs, you will learn to know the truth about this disease. Even the partner of an ED patient needs to be open-minded and supportive.

Therefore, there needs to exist an open discussion about ED. Something as simple as creating brochures for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies can help people become aware. Uploading informative content on social media and having healthy discussions with people can motivate ED patients to speak up about their illness. People should go out of their way to create support groups where patients share their incidents and issues faced because of ED. We as a society need to be more progressive and look at this illness as just an illness and not a liability in a man or a stain on someone’s masculinity. If you’re reading this and you’re facing this problem, know that it is completely normal and it happens to a lot of men. Hiding it will only let the problem grow and if you use home remedies or take medicines based on hearsay, you might become dependent on them for sexual stimulation. It is important to find the root problem of the issue whether medical or psychological, and only then it can be treated properly.

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